LoserQuest is a free, fast, and easy-to-learn strategy game. When we say free, we mean you print the rules out yourself, print your own cards, and use your own chess board. It uses the Tactician system, which is also free. You shouldn't have too much trouble learning how to play; though the rules are balanced, they are very simple. Also, the game plays quickly, and doesn't need miniatures.
Contact the jerks who made this game at loserquest [circled a] yahoo [period] com.

The year is 2013, and Earth is lost. Last year, the entire globe was declared "unfit for human life." Anyone who could bought passage for a vessel that would take them into outer space. Those left on Earth were the losers and their masters, the godly success stories. Now, all losers must depend on the success stories for food, water, shelter, and $3.65 an hour. You are part of a band of losers, wanderers questing to find a success story. You must fight those who challenge your mission, explore the dangerous wasteland, and prove your worth to success stories in order to complete your LoserQuest!

The year is 2005, and today you take your revenge. An international trust-conglomerate-corporation just bought up your home and that of pretty much every other loser, and so you wander with only two thoughts: first, "Are we there yet?" and second, "MegaMultiCashEconoCorp's's gonna pay." You must fight off other losers to protect your turf, and try to expand your rabble of losers. Vengeance is your true goal, and to wreak it you must bring that corporation with a really long name to its knees. Once your home has been retaken, and Big Business will never rear its ugly head again, your LoserQuest will be complete!

The year is...well, you can have Jeeves look into that. Being fantastically wealthy and nearing the end of your days, you have two choices. The first is philanthropy, but philanthropists are pansies. The second is to be a part of the latest craze, Loser Taming, and pay the scum at the bottom of society to fight each other for the your amusement and that of the rest of the upper crust. You're a Loser Tamer, and you would have it no other way. You live to have your prized losers fight other Tamers, including the CEO Lords and the truly great Elitist Four. Once you have beaten them, you will be a Loser Tamer Master! I like saying LoserQuest!



8/23/05: The site is just starting out. You probably can't find what you want, but good luck anyway. By the way, this site won't update much. There just isn't much need to. However, the shop is up and running, thanks to the miracle of CafePress.

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If you are offended by this game, that means you are a good person who has no business at this site. If you find this game funny, then you are a terrible person and we like you already.

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